13th Congress of the European Laryngological Society

28 May 2021 | Digital

13th Congress of the European Laryngological Society

28 May 2021 | Digital

Organisational remarks


Preparation of an oral presentation

  1. Please prepare your presentation slides as usual in PowerPoint in 16:9 landscape format.
    Indicate your potential conflict(s) of interest on the first or last slide of your presentation, if any.
  2. We ask you to pre-record your presentation. This has many advantages for planning the sessions and ensuring that your presentation can be heard and seen in case of connection problems.
    However, if prefer, you can also hold your presentation live. In this case, we would still ask you to send us the slides in advance via the UploadCenter in order to ensure the highest possible image quality, which is unfortunately not always possible when sharing your own screen.

    Speakers of the invited sessions are welcome to give their presentations live. Speakers of the Short talks are obliged to pre-record their presentations to ensure a smooth flow of the Short talk sessions.

    In order to record a video, we suggest one of the following tools:
  • PowerPoint: In the newer versions, recordings can also be made. Make sure to export the presentation as a video file at the end.
    > To the instructions
  • OBS: an open-source recording tool that can save locally. Since the tool can also be used for live streaming, its operation is somewhat more complicated.
    > To the explenatory video
  • Mac OS: There is a tool called "Screen Recording".
    > To the instructions

Please note the following:

  • Test microphone and webcam settings before recording.
  • If possible, record in daylight or another suitable light source.
  • Avoid ambient noise, remove sources of interference (telephone, pets etc.).
  • Record in small/not empty rooms (carpeting has a positive influence on sound quality).
  • Please enter your name in the footer of your presentation ("Insert"> "Header and Footer").

Transfer of your presentation

An UploadCenter will be set up for the submission of presentations and will be available soon. You will be informed of the access data. Please be prepared to upload your presentation by 03 May 2021 in order to guarantee a smooth running of the digital conference.